European Union project supports novice business and local government development

As part of the monitoring, the project team “More active participation of stakeholders at the local level in East and Central Kazakhstan” visited the Nurinsky district of the Karaganda region. In particular, meetings were held with participants who were provided with financial support for starting a business.

It is worth noting that all startups are socially significant projects recognized as priorities in the development of inclusive rural development plans. So in the village of Zharaspay was opened the only pharmacy in the village. And in the village of Nura, there is a gym with exercise machines, where children from low-income families work out for free. In addition, in the village of Nura, service stations, a pancake house, a health center and a children’s development center were opened.

The project team noted that startups are developing according to the approved plan. Recipients of financial assistance were given related recommendations and souvenirs.