ANNOUNCEMENT of a competition for financial support for the development of entrepreneurship at the local level

The “Greater stakeholder engagement at local level in East and Central Kazakhstan” project implemented by “ARGO” Civil Society Development Association, Foundation for Local Government Reform (Bulgaria), Centre for Local-Self Governance Development” (East Kazakhstan oblast) and “ECOCENTER” Karagandy Regional Ecological Centre with financial support from the European Union (hereinafter referred to as EU Project)is announcing a competition for financial support for the development of entrepreneurship at the local level.

The general fund of financial support under this competition is 12,000,000 (twelve million) tenge. Business projects with a budget of not less than 500,000 tenge and not more than 1,200,000 tenge may be accepted for participation in the competition. At the same time, the applicant’s own contribution should be in the amount of 10-20% of the total.

The following can take part in the competition:

Local non-governmental organizations, small businesses, existing and potential individual entrepreneurs, as well as initiative groups operating in the territory of the EU Project, namely:

East Kazakhstan region

  • Pervomaiskiy and Volchanka areas of Shemonaikha district
  • Glubokoe, Belousovka townships and Kozhohovo rural area of Glubokoe district

Karagandy region

  • Nura (Kievka) township, Akmeshit, Izendi, Zharaspai and Mynbayev rural areas of Nura district

Those who wish to take part in this competition should carefully study the competition regulations, fill out an application for participation and submit all the necessary documents by October 26, 2018, inclusively, to the following addresses:

  • For East Kazakhstan region:

“Centre for Local Self Governance Development” PF

070018, Oskemen, 46-24 Belinskiy str.

t/f: 8 (7232)77-57-93, mob.: +7 777 268 91 08, email:

  • For Karagandy region:

“ECOCENTER” Karagandy Regional Ecological Centre

100012, Karagandy, 49 Zhambyl str., of. 2,

t/f: +7 (7212) 562-922, email:

The competition winners will be required to sign the relevant agreements to obtain financial support for the implementation of their business projects with the organizers of the competition.