“Greater Stakeholder Engagement at Local Level in east and central Kazakhstan” project is funded by the European Union and implemented by ARGO Civil Society Development Association, Foundation for Local Government Reform (Sofia, Bulgaria), Centre for Local Self-Governance Development and Karagandy Regional Ecological Centre “ECOCENTER”. 


The main goal of Project is to promote greater stakeholder engagement at the local level to contribute to governance and development processes. 



Specific objectives of the Project:

  • To involve civil society organizations, local authorities and other stakeholders to promote social and economic development on the local level through pilot actions in East Kazakhstan and Karaganda Oblasts;
  • To promote transparency and accountability through enhancing civil society organizations and local authorities to develop and implement a territorial approach (Technical Approach to Local Development – TALD) with participation and job opportunities for women’s groups and youth.


The project will be implemented for three years in Nura Rayon of Karaganda Oblast, and in Shemonaiha and Glubokovskiy Rayons of East Kazakhstan Oblast.



The Project partners are:

  1. Local administration of Nura Rayon in Karaganda Oblast;
  2. Local Self-Governance Development Center in East Kazakhstan Oblast;
  3. Karagandy Regional Ecological Centre “ECOCENTER” and three local government associates: (Akimats of Shemonaiha and Glubokovskiy Rayons in East Kazakhstan Oblast and Maslikhat in Karaganda Oblast);
  4. Foundation for Local Government Reform (Sofia, Bulgaria).


Expected project outcome:


By the end of the project, integrated development plans that will be developed as supported by the project for ten okrugs (districts) and auls (villages) will be implemented at least at a 20% level, thus, improving local self-governance practices and increasing activeness of stakeholders, and improving socio-economic development of rural communities.