Training on capacity building is yielding results

The Empowerment Now! project is strengthening the capacity of disability focused organizations through a series of organizational development trainings.

Prior to attending the training, Erlik a disability focused organization, did not even keep written records about their consultations with clients. Their “filing cabinet” of consultations was in the minds of two key staff members. Erlik employed this same method of operations to all their organizational management.

After the trainings, Roza Akzharkenova, the head of Erlik, implemented a number of operational reforms. In particular, Roza and her office established policies and procedures for their board and staff. They now keep meeting minutes, have written job descriptions, a code of conduct, procedures to process claims, and a memoranda about partnership with various government offices.

Roza used to play the leading role in personally executing all tasks. However, this is no longer necessary. As a result of the training and developing job duties, she now delegates and assigns deadlines, in full confidence that the tasks will be accomplished. Delegation has freed her from day-to-day responsibilities and allowed the staff to grow professionally.

Roza can now shift her attention to achieving the organization’s mission, focus on strategic goals and take Erlik to the next level.