The lesson of courage for Aktobe’s youth

Young disabled people of Aktobe had a chance to deepen into the history of World War II and Great Patriotic War, which is not easy, but very important for all of us.

24 April there was a meeting of veterans and young generation to share the courage and bring up the patriotic sense in youth, as well as love to the Motherland and the Great Victory of Soviet People in the World War II. The meeting was organized by PA “The center of support of paralyzed citizens of Aktobe” within the frameworks of “Stimul+” project.

Fedor Chemodanov was born on 14th November 1927 in Gornovodskoye village Marktukskiy region. But he didn’t spend his childhood there. The life was very difficult at that moment. However, the difficulties strengthened the character of the young man and he became an adult person early.

In 1944 17-year-old Fedor was called into the Red Army. After the studies at the Officers’ School during six months, he joined the ranks of Motherland defenders.

13 more Aktobe young men went to the front together with him. The young Lieutenant joined the 54th Guards Regiment of the 17th Guards Division of the 39th Army. Being a part of it, he reached Germany.

After the War Chemodanov didn’t demobilized from the Army immediately. He came back to the native village only in 1952. He worked as an agronomist for six years and the head of the agronomist department in the district committee. Later he became the chairpersons of the collective farm named after Kalinin. It was a huge farm, where more than 4, 000 people worked and lived.

The hard work of Chemodanov deserved a special attention. He was recognized. In 1973 he was elected as a chairperson in the executive committee of People’s Deputies of Karabutakskiy District, and then for the same position in Komsomolskiy District.

In 1982, he was elected as the first secretary of the Komsomol district committee of the communist party.

The World War II was a cruel challenge for all the people from our Country. A lot of sacrifices were done to win the War. However, It taught a great lesson of courage and bravery, the freedom and heroism, and self-sacrifices.

Today Fedor Chemodanov works as a chairperson in the Public Association of people with disabilities. Here he interacts with people and helps them to solve their problems.

The relationships between older and younger generations are very important, says Kuralay Baimenova, the chairperson of “Stimul+” project.

“Kind words of appreciation from older generations positively influence the youth with health disorders. Many of the abandon the feeling of loneliness, reservation and uselessness,” says Baimenova.

25 people attended the meeting, among which were young people with disabilities and the representatives of PA “The center of support of paralyzed citizens of Aktobe.”

The meeting was organized within the frameworks of “Empowerment Now!” national informational campaign, which is being implemented in all Kazakhstani regions by the Association of Civil Society Development “ARGO” together with the partners (NGO “Namys,” NGO “Shyrak,” and NGO “ASRIV”), with the financial support of USAID/CAR.