Semey journalists get knowledge on appropriate terminology applicable to people with disabilities

Mass media plays a key role in successfully implementing the Empowerment Now! (EN!) public information campaign, which is ran ARGO together with partnering disability focused organizations and sub-grantees in seven regions of Kazakhstan.

On February 14-15, 31 Semey print and electronic journalists participated in a training dedicated to correct usage of terminology applicable to people with disabilities (PwDs).

The training was organized by an EN! sub-grantee, the NGO Istok, and was presented in both Russian and Kazakh languages. It educated participants about the correct and appropriate terminology to describe and cover topics related to PwDs. Along with the journalists, students from the Journalism department at Semey State University, representatives from the City’s Union of the blind and visually impaired, as well as members of the Social Security Department of Semey took part in the training.

According to Lyudmila Mikhailova, the Istok Chairwoman, before the training, in January, they held a preliminary meeting with journalists to discuss implementing the EN! campaign in the region. “A lively discussion demonstrated the interest of the mass media on this issue. At the end of the meeting, we developed a plan to work together. Many of the people who had attended that meeting also participated in our training,” said Mikhailova.

In addition, Istok developed a study guide, to help journalists cover topics about people with special needs.

The training employed an interactive approach to achieve the event goals. Participants reviewed case studies and articles to improve their professional skills. They also engaged in a heated discussion about publications with insulting and humiliating features towards people with disabilities.

Participants received certificates for completing the training. The organizers also announced a contest for the best publication covering people with disabilities. The awarding ceremony and announcement of the competition results will take place in May 2014.