Online Kathmandu Democracy Forum 2020

Theme: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Democracy in the Asia-Pacific

Forum Date: Oct 6-8, 2020 (3 days)

     Monitoring Report Dates: July~September 2020 

Deadline: July 17, 2020

Call for Participation

You are cordially invited to apply for the Online Kathmandu Democracy Forum (KMDF) for an opportunity to present a monitoring paper about the impact of COVID-19 on democracy in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and human rights. The reports will be focused on human rights and democracy and the civil society response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to democracy in respective countries.  

  1. Target countries: Asia and the Pacific region – South, Southeast, Northeast, North, Southwest and Central Asia and the South Pacific.
  2. Type of monitoring report : national or thematic (multi-countries, sub-regional or regional)
  3. National monitoring report is expected to cover the government and civil society response to the COVID-19 in terms of the SDGs, human rights and democracy from the civil society perspective.
  4. Thematic (International) monitoring report is expected to deal with topics related to the COVID-19 in terms of the SDGs, human rights and democracy from the civil society perspective such as migration, media freedom, human security / sustaining peace, exclusion, gender equality, environmental justice, etc.
  5. Finance: A modest compensation will be provided for successful applicants as financial assistance for the research conducted to develop the monitoring paper.
  6. Applicants can be a civil society organization, an individual affiliated to a CSO that is interested and able to carry out the project.
  7. Guidelines for the monitoring report will be provided for successful applicants during the orientation and training session.


  1. Must be a civil society organization or and individual that has a civil society organization affiliation.
  2. A person of any nationality living or working in target countries.
  3. Application (online) should be duly filled.
  4. Experience and knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and/or human rights
  5. Written English language capability.


  1. Mandatory: Successful applications must attend the orientation, training session, mid-term review session, and the 3 day Online Kathmandu Democracy Forum to present your findings.
  2. Compensation will be made at the end of the program after the full submission of the report and presentation at the Forum.



Date Action
July 7 Launch for Open Call for Paper
July 17 Deadline for application
July 20-23 Interview for selection and announcement
July 27-31 Orientation and Training Sessions on Guidelines to writing a monitoring report
Aug. 1-31 Preparation of monitoring report
Sept. 1-4 Presentation of the first draft report and feedback
Sept. 21-25 Presentation of the second report and feedback
Oct. 6-8 Virtual Presentation of the final report at the KMDF 2020

 Contact if you have any questions, please put (Online Kathmandu Democracy Forum) in the subject line.


Download Open Call

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