How it was? The veterans share the memories

28 March 2014 the veterans of Aktobe shared their memories about hard wartime. The meeting took place in memorial museum of Asia Moldagulova.

The widows of the veterans, who died during WW II, pensioners and young people with disabilities from “Stimul +” project participated in the meeting.

Old women shared their life experience. Being in the rare, they worked hard to protect the Motherland. Their contribution into the development of the country after the war is highly appreciated. For young people it was a good lesson of patriotism.

“Everybody to the front, everything for victory!” was a slogan that motivated the women to move on. Women, old people, teenagers and children worked up to 23 hours a day. Courage and persistence helped them to overcome that hard time. They worked in the factories at daytime, and helped at home at night. Everything they did was for the future, or our present.

People should always remember how it was during WW II.