Help for disabled youth in Aktobe

19 February, 2014, Aktobe – “The center of support of paralyzed citizens of Aktobe” within “Stimul+” project and “Empowerment now”national informational campaign organized a meeting under the name “Dear Friend.” Younger and older generations of people with disabilities and special needs took part in the meeting.

“Today there is a wide range of services, provided for disabled people,’ says Kuralay Baimenova, a chairman of the center. “However, the focus of the services is mostly on medicine and housekeeping. Meanwhile, the major part of our target audience, people of productive age, needs to be recognized in a sense of life experience, professional potential and a wish to be useful for the society. Based on observations in some families with disabled members, we can says that several generations live peacefully together. We found out how the kind words of approval from the older generation positively influence the youth with health disorders. Many of them loose the feeling of loneliness. They are not reserved any more, they feel that they are needed. Continuity of the generations is the best way to preserve the traditions and peace in our homes,” she says.

According to Gulmiram Srazhova, the chief executive of the center, “Interaction between wise people with a long life experience and youth with disabilities in the realization of “Stimul+” project is a nice alternative to additional social services, which can be provided to people with special need in our region.”

“We want to show the citizens of Aktobe, that the people with disabilities have a right and must become sterling members of the society. That’s why we organize such kind of events. Many of these people, with their life will and patriotic attitude are a good example for all of us. We also want to show how accessible the cinemas, sport places, stadiums, museums and other entertaining spots for disabled people in our city and region are,” Srazhova says.

“Stimul +” is a social project that aims to unite the representatives of several generations of Aktobe and Aktyubinsk Area in order to demonstrate the creative potential of youth with disabilities (from 18 to 35 years old) and talented people of older generation (58 years old and older).

“The center of support of paralyzed citizens of Aktobe” plans to organize socially important events from February to May 2014 within “Empowerment now!” national informational campaign.