A new online portal is launched for disabled people in Temirtau

A social union “Angel Moi” within the “Empowerment now!” national informational campaign, launched an online portal for people with disabilities, as well as for people who are ready to help disabled people

The internet address of the portal is angel-moy.kz

According to Dmitry Ledencov, the representative of “Angel Moi”, the online portal was launched in order to cover the problems of people with special needs. Also the site will be used for publishing the results of social surveys, aimed to find out the attitude of the population towards people with disabilities. The problem of access to social and housekeeping services will be covered too. Besides, the people will discuss the events, organized by “Angel Moi.”

No doubts the opportunity to get an online consultation on different issues concerning people with disabilities will raise an interest among the potential visitors.

A set of webinars on social integration for disabled people is also planned.