ARGO Civil Society Development Association is implementing the “Partnership for Innovations – P4I” Program aimed at strengthening civil society in Central Asia and Azerbaijan through supporting and developing sustainable and inclusive network interaction between civil society organizations both within between the countries.

The “Partnership for Innovations – P4I” Program should become an essential contribution to creating a competent civil society, where the state and public sector will work together to address social and economic problems using innovative approaches.

Regional cooperation between the “Partnership for Innovations – P4I” Program member countries will emphasize such important topics as the rights of people with disabilities, ecology, social services, involvement of youth in public life, and gender equality.

As part of the program, online and offline platforms will be created to unite nonprofit organizations from different spheres of activity to strengthen their capacity and improve training. Thus, the “Partnership for Innovations – P4I” Program will contribute to establishing communication, sharing experiences and information between civil society organizations in Central Asia and Azerbaijan, with a focus on strengthening their sustainability, efficiency and ability to adapt to changing environments.


The “Partnership for Innovations – P4I” Program has the following objectives:

Objective 1. Improve sharing of best practices and , and enhance network interaction between leading civil society organizations in Central Asia and Azerbaijan.

As part of this objective, high-quality sustainable projects will be implemented; fund-raising will be implemented due to expanding cross-border and regional cooperation and partner networks; support will be provided to nonprofit organization networks with government bodies, private sector and international organizations.

Objective 2. Strengthen the ability of civil society organizations to adapt to new and changing environments.

As part of this objective, an innovative system of strengthening the individual capacity of NGO representatives will be elaborated, tested and put into operation – a Web Academy for civil society organizations in Russian and other languages of member countries will be developed, which will be the first in the CIS space.


The “Partnership for Innovations – P4I” Program aims to achieve sustainability. Following its implementation, anticipated accomplishments include:

  1. At least 20 regional civil society organization networks will implement significant regional projects through strengthening capacity and small grant programs, raising awareness of program participants with regard to urgent issues for Central Asian countries and Azerbaijan.
  2. The capacity of interested civil society representatives will be strengthened due to a self-financed, sustainable and multi-language Web Academy for civil society organizations, which will provide four-level education in NGO management, with over 40 training modules.
  3. The knowledge, professionalism and interaction between member countries’ civil society organizations will be improved through:

a) Conducting 10 regional conferences and other activities with the involvement of approximately 800 participants.

b) Updating the “Interactive Community” online communication platform that will cover Azerbaijan as well, with an anticipated reach of 250,000 visitors.

  1. Regional activity and dissemination of new knowledge about civil society will strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations with regard to youth’s public participation.
  2. Regional research will improve a dialogue and cooperation between civil society organizations and the state; member countries’ NGO representatives will have the opportunity to participate in Kazakhstan’s Civic Forum; the “Partnership for Innovations – P4I” Program’s Regional Cooperation Council will continue its activity.


The “Partnership for Innovations – P4I” Program is open for cooperation with governments, parliaments, educational institutions, civil society organizations in Central Asia and Azerbaijan, as well as international organizations implementing similar civil society development programs.